Jan Stasieńko, Media Technologies and Posthuman Intimacy, Bloomsbury Academic, 2021.



Constructinga theory of intimacy describing processes occurring between a ‚human’ subject and information creations, Jan Stasienko shows in what way and in what phases that relationship is built and what its nature is.

He discusses technologies and genres related to the construction of a new television message (teleprompter, interactive television forms appearing both in the analogue and digital eras), composition of the film image and specificity of cinematic technologies (peep show, hybrid animation, digital visual effects). Also new-media technologies and genres will be discussed (for example, aspects relating to computer games and Web portals making video materials available). This diversity is prompted by the desire to show that the building of intimacy protocols is not the domain of the digital era, and on the other hand, that the posthumanism of media apparatus is a wide-ranging problem, i.e. the area encompasses various vehicles findable throughout various historical periods.

Table of Contents


I. Cinematic Intimacies
1.“Kaleidoscope of Jouissance”: The Erotic Peepshow as a Game on Subjectivity.
2.Classic Animation and the Origins of Intersubjective Intimacy
3.Cinema-Cyborg and Human-Layer Digital Cinema Technologies as Vehicles of Posthumanism

II. Tele-visions
4.Tele-prompter and Posthuman Repositioning of the Gaze
5.Posthumanism Through Interaction: Intimacies, Staring and Collective Creations in “Winky Dink & You”
6.Phone-in Television Quizzes as Vehicles of Deep Digitization

III. Digital Encounters:
7.BeautifulAgony.com and the Eroticism of the Database
8.Bridegrooms of Pixels, Concrete and Steel: The Wedding Ceremony as an Act of Subject Funding
9.“The Sims” and Defining Subject through Cruelty