Sensitive aesthetics of Jean-Luc Nancy and the cinema

Edited by Kamil Lipiński and Zsolt Gyenge

In line with the recent death of Jean-Luc Nancy, philosopher of the sensitive but above all the philosopher spreading the thought of the community, „being-with” or „singular plural being” serving as an important attempt to rethink Martin Heidegger’s Mitsein our wish is to rethink his work in relation to the cinema, In the vast majority of his writings Nancy has provided an in-depth insight into versatile areas of aesthetics, including transformations and deconstructions of images and sounds which may be integrated into the cinema. His critical account of corporeality, religion, and sexuality has revealed multiple perspectives bringing together his philosophy and culture by means of his original concepts such as inoperative community, touch, areality, expeausition, ecotechne. The volume seeks multiple forms of reappearance of Nancy’s thought within the area of humanities with a particular focus on the relationship with other thinkers, and filmmakers, as well as other arts such as music, painting, drawing, and poetry.

Contributions may deal with questions concerning all genres and aspects of Nancy’s work, ranging from theoretical insights and methodological perspectives to philosophy, film studies, and visual arts. In addressing concepts, histories, and films coined by Jean-Luc Nancy that have shaped philosophy and cinema, this edited volume seeks to identify the unique characteristics that continue to shape the philosophy of cinema and film theory, the relationship between art and cinema, image theory, and aesthetics.  As this multiplicity of perspectives is irreducible, the book will conform to Nancy’s theoretical framework, namely, the potentiality concealed in his books. 

The proposed edited book seeks to explore the following general questions and specific issues. We invite proposals for chapters focusing on (but not limited to) film philosophy in a single film, series of films, or in global cinema culture

  • The work of Claire Denis and Abbas Kiarostami
  • Body, corporality, and film studies in Nancy’s thought
  • Nancy’s remarks on sex, sexuality, and film studies
  • Intersections of Nancy’s image theory and film studies
  • Touch/tactility in the area of film studies
  • Fragment and fragmentation and cinema
  • Experience of freedom in the cinema
  • Romantisme, literature, and the cinema
  • Community and the cinema
  • Being plural-singular in the cinema
  • Sound and listening in the cinema
  • The theory of ‘regard’ and the cinema
  • Christianity and the cinema
  • Derrida and Nancy on philosophy of film
  • Existence and existentialism in the cinema
  • Drawing and the cinema
  • Mimesis and methexis and the cinema
  • The evidence of film – the real of the film image according to Nancy

Submission Guidelines

 Please send an *abstract* of no more than 350 words, along with a  brief *bibliography* (3-5 sources) demonstrating the proposed chapter’s theoretical foundations, and a short *biography* (75 words) by March 31, 2023, to: or


 Will be sent to all authors as soon as the review proces terminates. Authors of approved abstracts will be asked to write chapters of up to 7.000 words, including references, which must be submitted by the final deadline of November 30, 2023.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

Edinburgh University Press has expressed an interest in publishing the book