“TransMissions” Call for Papers for 2018 vol.3, issue 1 Film and Media: Through and Beyond the Senses


Call for Papers for 2018 vol.3, issue 1

Film and Media: Through and Beyond the Senses

Editors: Małgorzata Radkiewicz, Marta Stańczyk (Jagiellonian University, Poland)



Both theory and practice of film and media deal with such issues as perception, interaction, and involvement through human body and senses. Contemporary theory has turned toward embodiment as a major “figure of thought” and as the main mode of cognition. However, approaching visual culture and its various devices (analogue, electronic, digital ones) only through senses may not be sufficient in the era of post-humanity and dynamic technological development. Moreover, hybridization and specialization of media bring up questions and challenges that make us go beyond human senses and their limitations.


There are new possibilities of creation and usage of film and media, as well as of analysis and interpretations, in terms of new materialism, affects, ecology etc. The new phenomena of media communication must be followed by both analytical and critical theoretical reflections that will address complex issues of relations between media and (non)human sensual organs.


The annual NECS conference that took place in June 2017 addressed the topic: Sensibility and the Senses. Media, Bodies, Practices. The program included diverse perspectives and subjects of research, showing different attitudes and exploring various fields of studies. Many of them still need to be explored and examined in detail, which poses a huge challenge for researchers dealing with film and various media.


Preparing the next issue of “TransMissions”, we invite you to submit papers that might examine such topics as:


  • Theoretical approaches to sensual perception and sensory experience of film and media;
  • The relation between body and technologies;
  • Human and nonhuman aspects of hybrid media;
  • An immersion and a realist theory (hyper cinema, AR, VR, 3D, etc.);
  • Sensing the difference – creating “minor cinema” through new epistemologies;
  • Haptic media and hardwired body – a connection between senses and technology;
  • The anthropology of cinema – creating the place for experience;
  • Viewer- and user-centered approaches: (post)phenomenology, affects, neuro-cinema,
  • The logic of H+ – an advancement or a replacement;
  • The regimes of senses – the cultural determination of sensorium.
  • The prosthesis as a medium


We are open to suggestions from researchers as to their own topics within the subject matter.


We expect up to 45000 characters articles  to be sent to magda.zdrodowska@uj.edu.pl till 31 March 2018.


Publication schedule:

Submission of articles: 31 March 2018

Notification of paper acceptance: 30 May 2018

Publication:  15 July 2018